Dealer News

This has been designed and tested by Peter Major and will be exclusively manufactured by SKUK.


I am happy to announce that Peter Major has recently joined SKUK. Peter will be helping improve quality control and the overseeing of the laminating workshop. Petr was a sponsored paddler back in the late 1990’s

Peter brings skills in Infusion and vacuum bagging. He has also designed a fast expedition kayak that will challenge any of the other more speedy expedition kayaks

As the demand for custom artwork increases so does the complexity of design. It is for this reason that we will now have standard charges for basic art work but anything more advanced and complicated will need to be quoted.

As most NDK (SKUK) paddlers will know. We have a large range of kayaks for the small, medium, large and extra large paddler. We offer both day kayaks and expedition kayaks for all of the above sized paddlers with the exception of the Romany Excel.


We have introduced a new seat with more shape (less flat) and we also have a new bucket seat. These seats can also be fitted into existing kayaks.