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Sea Kayak Leader Training


We are closed – Dec 21st until 2nd Jan 19 for Christmas.

Don't forget that our Christmas Clearance is still going ahead on the 14th and 15th Deember!

Were having a Christmas Clearance 14th and 15th of December at the factory 9am-4pm

Plus FREE skeg and gel repair workshop at our Friday 14th event

Mince Pies and a warm welcome ….

Check out this gret blog by Martin Rickard

Martin's Blog

I'm writing you because I'm really proud of Rene Valner.

Rene is Advanced Sea Leader and coach, founder of Sea Kayaking Estonia and SKUK dealer since 2009.


If you have ever thought about what it might be like to cross the North Sea, Eddie Hinz has put together this great short video showing us his trip, this summer from Nieuwpoort Belgium to Ramsgate UK.

Eddie paddled a SKUK Latitude. You can follow his 25 hour crossing.

Well done Eddie, that’s a lot of hours in a kayak!


Ashley is on her way to Bergen with my new 3 piece Pilgrim Expedition and Celtic Paddles.

She is looking forward to paddling for two months along the coast of Norway. See where the weather will takes her.


Congratulations to our most recent team member & sponsored expedition paddler Tom Thorpe. Tom has his received his brand new sponsored SKUK / NDK Quantum kayak from his local dealer Rick Cooper who owns British Sea Kayaks. Good Luck Tom & we look forwards to hearing about your upcoming adventures & expedition.


I recently purchased a new member of the SKUK kayak family, the Pulse.

I opted to have a skeg instead of a rudder. This decision was based on the comments from various experienced coaches and kayakkers, who have tested it both withe skeg and rudder.

I wasn't able to test it myself prior the purchase, so I took a leap of faith.

Honestly, I haven't regretted my purchase at all.


I love my Romany Excel. I’m a big guy. 6’5” and 260 lbs. Buying specialist outdoors equipment and clothes is always a painful adventure. Let’s not even talk about hiking boots and ski boots. But the Romany Excel is a godsend.


Good Luck Petr Major who is on his way around Ireland. He is Paddling a Sea Kayaking UK Quantum and using Celtic Paddles.


Whether you're planning an expedition of your own, or just looking to cover some miles and play along the way, the Sea Kayaking UK Explorer is an outstanding performer as you paddle into rougher waters.