The fastest kayak in our fleet. This expedition kayak is ideally suited for the medium sized paddler and the low volume helps the lighter kayaker control the kayak in windy conditions.

The Greenlander Pro has evolved from the Greenlander but the hull is 2 inches (50 mm) longer and has a straighter rocker line. The stern has a traditional Inuit up turn. We believe the Inuit kayakers chose this design, as it would have been relatively easy to change the weather cocking characteristics of the kayak by changing the size of the upturned stern.

The Greenlander Pro is fitted with a foam seat, unless otherwise requested. The kayak has a low rear deck for easy rolling, a keyhole cockpit that gives excellent grip, control and allows quick exit if need be. The sloping bulkhead behind the seat, allows the kayak to be emptied by lifting only the bow, no x-rescue is necessary.

An expedition kayak for the medium sized paddler, length: 545 cm, width: 54.5 cm, depth: 33 cm, overall volume: 296 litres, front hatch volume: 66 litres, cockpit volume: 145 litres, day hatch volume: 34 litres, rear hatch volume: 51 litres.

greenlander pro 711