Custom features

All kayaks except for the Quantum come with a round rear hatch as standard.


Pilgrim and Pilgrim Expedition narrow seat fitted as standard with option of a wider seat.

Latitude- a wide seat fitted as standard with an option of a narrow seat.

All other models standard seat fitted, option of a narrow seat (for further details contact us).


If you would like a custom colour you can get a rough indication of how your colour scheme will look like by using the Colour chooser.

Colour chooser

When you have decided the colours from the colour chooser, please select a RAL colour.
As monitors may show colours differently, especially darker shades, you may want to check your choice on a printed RAL chart. Please contact your dealer.

It is possible to add additional deck fittings, but these may be flush fittings instead of the standard.

Sea Kayaking UK offers a variety of compasses that can be fitted to the kayaks. If a custom kayak is ordered, the compass recess can be fitted to your requirements.

compass drill

If a deck pump (hand operated) is needed, we need to fit a recess for the pump at the time of construction. The recess can be placed anywhere on the deck to suite. Our recess fits the Compact 50, the small hand pump with a metal shaft by Prion.


When ordering a foot pump (Henderson) we will add 4 inches (10 cm) onto the inside leg measurements you supply.

For a custom bulkhead, please send the measurement from the bulkhead to the inside of the rear of the cockpit rim (as above) We also need the name of the model of kayak that this was measured on. (SKUK)


Normally we favour skeg over rudder, unless you are racing or paddling a double kayak in conditions above force 4. Should you need a rudder, we can provide your kayak with the C-Trim rudder from Valley or a combined skeg-rudder from Kari-Tek.

The wire skeg is standard in our kayaks, however any of the following Kari-Tek skegs may be fitted and they all fit in an injected Kari – Tek skeg box. We use the Kari-Tek slide control box in all our kayaks. This is fitted in the seam.


This is a compromise offering carbon-kevlar deck over a glass hull. The carbon-kevlar makes the kayak lighter while the glass hull ensures it is as robust as a standard glass kayak. The approximate weight of a carbon-kevlar deck over a standard glass hull is 23 kg including hatches etc.


These kayaks are constructed out of venylester resin using a carbon-kevlar hybrid cloth. The exact specification of the construction will depend on the intended use of the kayak. The kayak comes with internal and external seams. If the kayak is needed for flat water use, a very light construction can be appropriate.


Can be fitted onto any boat!

New! Oval back hatch and small deck hatch


The Elite kayaks are made of fibre glass with a lighter overall lay up than the standard kayaks. This makes the Elite kayaks approximately 3 kilos lighter than the standard kayak. With reinforced keel and stress areas on deck and hull this is still a fairly strong kayak, but not as strong as the standard kayak and requires more looking after.