Jeff Allen returns to Havnomaden with Jim Frampton to complete the Norwegian coast. Jeff and his fianc Lizzie are using the expedition to raise awareness for the Ovarian Cancer Action charity, so as well as

being an amazing adventure it is also a journey with a cause. The Ovarian Cancer Action is a charity which, through research and awareness, is committed to supporting women suffering ovarian cancer. If you would like to help, then please visit Jeff's Just Giving page


Update 14th April 2010

Jeff, Jim & Petr have arrived in Havnomaden and are just about ready to set off paddling north. Jeff contracted a throat virus just before he left and this has held them up so far. Today Jim & Petr had the chance to get out for a short paddle amongst the 6000 or so islands which adorn this region, although the weather was damp and windy to say the least the guys were enthralled to see several Sea Eagles on the neighboring peaks.

Upon arriving at Havnomaden, Bent presented Jeff with a Greenland Stick which he had hand crafted for him during the winter months to use throughout the remainder of the journey.
The Greenland Paddle which is laminated from Spruce, is a fantastic piece of craftsmanship and Jeff, having tried it out yesterday said that it was the finest Greenland Paddle he had seen, or used. Thank you Bent & Inge.
Hopefully, weather and health depending, the guys will be setting off tomorrow morning, they are stocked up and eager to heading off soon.
Jim, Jeff and Pete would like to say a special thankyou to their wives, families and friends back home for all the support and encouragement they've recieved and shall keep in touch

Paddlers: Jeff Allen