Nigel Dennis and Eila Wilkinson are delighted to have the opportunity to try out and use the brand new Motionize kayak statistics monitor and paddle sensor. Motionize is a brand new high tech system that is based around an app downloaded onto your (currently iPhone 6/6s and very soon Android) mobile phone.

Motionize is revolutionary in that it monitors each stroke you make giving you real time feedback on your forward Stroke. It's the only kayak system out there.

Eila has started using the Motionize system with her Pilgrim Expedition and the downloaded app has been set up for her Euro paddle for specific use with both the Expedition and little Pilgrim. It's also been set up for her wing paddle for use on her Epic V10L surf ski in anticipation for the Edge unit When that becomes available at the end of this month. (There are 2 different "deck" fittings one for touring kayaks and one for all other kayak types including Surf ski).

The system allows you to specify your personal profile / ie height, weight and age, paddle specs - ie Kinetic touring 650, 204cm as well as the specific type of boat length, width etc.

Eila says "Once you get past the initial and inevitable set up procedures - which in hindsight are pretty easy if you look and follow the instructions, the system is really easy to use".

"The Motionize system sits on your deck and you can flip between screens with the paddle mounted sensor. Of the 3 screens you can choose to look at, one also includes a live map which shows where you are and where you've paddled.

The deck mount system and the paddle mount system connect to the app via Bluetooth.

Stats given include strokes per minute / distance per stroke / total distance / speed plus a whole lot more - and all the stats you could want from this first ever kayak monitor.

One of the best features is the immediate visual feedback it gives you relating to exactly where your paddle is going in and out of the water. Green (in target zone) or red (not in target zone) indicator marks show you Exactly your catch and exit points - bit of an eye opener!

There's even a virtual coach who speaks to you through the speaker system giving immediate feedback. You get voice Coach / prompt as well as text and a picture - It told me once to "catch water with the tip of the blade close to the boat". It certainly makes you more aware of what you are physically along.

When your workout is finished the data is stored in the app. This can be emailed and shared - if you wish!!

The history is kept which will make for some excellent analysis. Quite exciting!!

Long term Nigel and I would also like to use this as a coaching tool and for paddle sizing outcomes as well.

The waterproof case (that is included in the exciting black and orange box pack your system arrives in) for your phone to sit in is not only strong, rugged and waterproof but has a really solid loop so you can actually secure your phone.

I'd be quite happy to buy one of these (without the fitting for the deck mount on the back) as a stand-alone phone case.

This is a really fantastic and revolutionary tool.

And I'll post another article after I've been using it for a few weeks.