I'm writing you because I'm really proud of Rene Valner.

Rene is Advanced Sea Leader and coach, founder of Sea Kayaking Estonia and SKUK dealer since 2009.

This year has been exceptional for him, as the whole summer has been like a long expedition or marathon of 94 days on the water from June to October. Always with a new group of beginners to lead or coach. Over the last 4 months he has taking groups out for two or multi-day trips without a day on the land. What makes me proud is that throughout the season he has been enjoying being busy working in the kayak all the time!

All the courses and trips have been two or more days of Sea Kayaking and Wildcamping. On many of those days he has run Sea Kayak Adventure Training for British Army NATO forces based in Estonia. He has lead also trips with 55k crossings between Estonia and Latvia but mostly challenges come with beginners and conditions.

He is using two SKUK kayaks depending on the nature of the trip, but they are both Signal Red. When coaching and on shorter trips NDK/SKUK Romany Classic without skeg and with custom bulkhead to fit in food and kit for group. Since May 2018 he is using for trips and expeditions the Latitude. Latitude is really great for leading longer trips! On the photos you can also see him in his Latitude fully loaded with plastic litter found from an off-shore Estonian island.


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Rene Valner